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Only Collins has 87 years of experience and expertise to do cocktail-inspired seltzers right. We deliver the joy of authentic cocktail flavors without extra calories or fake chemicals because you know what actually tastes like lime? Limes.

real juice
low sugar

120 calories
low carb

5% abv

Lemon & LIME

When you let a craft bartender whip up a margarita cocktail seltzer, you get something that actually tastes like a margarita. We carefully blended real lime juice, a hint of salt, and just a touch of sweetness for a refreshing, low-cal take on the beloved cocktail.

Real Juice  ∙  3g sugar

120 calories  ∙  6g carbs

5% abv  ∙  gluten-free

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strawberry & LIME

Fake fruit flavor is for bubblegum, not cocktails. We used actual strawberry puree and real lime juice to bring the mouthfeel and sweet-tart punch of a daiquiri to our cocktail seltzer. Real and refreshing? We’ll drink to that.

Real Juice & puree  ∙  4g sugar

120 calories  ∙  6g carbs

5% abv  ∙  gluten-free

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pineapple & coconut

Real pineapple juice. Real coconut. The real deal. Our piña colada cocktail seltzer has all the tangy sweetness and tropical appeal of the tiki classic, with fewer calories and less hassle—just pop the top and enjoy.

Real Juice  ∙  3g sugar

120 calories  ∙  7g carbs

5% abv  ∙  gluten-free

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passion fruit & lemon

They might claim otherwise, but everybody loves a tropical cocktail. We took one of our faves—the Hurricane—and put it in a can. Made with real passion fruit juice and lemons, this New Orleans classic is fun, fruity, and Mardi Gras-ready.

Real Juice  ∙  7g sugar

120 calories  ∙  8g carbs

5% abv  ∙  gluten-free

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ginger & lime

Moscow mule
It’s a simple recipe: ginger and lime. So we didn’t mess with it. Tart, fizzy, and a little spicy, our Moscow Mule cocktail seltzer is made with real lime juice for a drink that tastes just like the real thing.

Real Juice  ∙  6g sugar

120 calories  ∙  3g carbs

5% abv  ∙  gluten-free

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Since 1934, we’ve seen our fair share of scenes. Tiki Bars. Discotheques. The Macarena. Mixology. But one thing has always held true on our side of the bar top. People like it when you shoot straight. That's why we use real fruit juices, real sugar, and natural flavors in all our products. We pour every ounce of our 87 years of cocktail experience into every product we make, and keep things as simple as possible while delivering great taste.


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