Flavors that taste like they came from a cocktail shaker, not a chemistry lab.

Collins started up in Chicago in 1934 with a simple bottle of grenadine and a beer key. It was the year after the end of Prohibition, and the newly legal purveyors of booze needed a steady source of cocktail ingredients and accessories to run their establishments.

Since 1934, we’ve seen our fair share of scenes. Tiki Bars. Discotheques. The Macarena. Mixology. But one thing has always held true on our side of the bar top. People like it when you shoot straight. This is why we work with real bartenders and stick to simple, quality ingredients when formulating our products. We buy our cherries directly from growers in Oregon, and only use real juice and real sugar for our mixers and syrups.

So whether you’re looking for a delicate floral syrup to make a Lavender Martini or want to stock up on Bloody Mary garnishes, we’ve got delicious syrups, pickled things, or preserved orange peel for you. Always real. Always good. It’s the Collins way.

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