A Decadent Cocktail with Tequila, Coffee, and Cream

The Espresso Martini is getting a lot of press, and for good reason. The rich, bitter cocoa notes of coffee add complexity and balance to cocktails on the sweeter side and pair beautifully with most spirits. Inspired by the Espresso Martini, this cocktail is an enticing blend of tequila blanco, cream, Collins Sea Salt Espresso Martini Syrup, and Collins Orgeat Syrup that’s dessert and a nightcap wrapped up in one drink. The silky texture and creamy, nutty flavors meld with the bite of tequila and coffee for the ideal after-dinner drink.

Espresso Martini Blanco



Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice. Shake until chilled, then strain into a coupe or martini glass.

Dust with cinnamon powder and a pinch of cayenne powder.

Add 2-4 coffee beans and serve.